How a French Photographer Made Intimate Photos of female refugees.. 

“Intimate, perhaps as a result of rare access to official refugee camps and transit centers where few other photographers are allowed” via New York Times Lensblog

How a French Photographer Made Intimate Photos…

In December, the French photographer Marie Dorigny arrived in Lesbos, Greece, to document the refugee crisis there. Many of the migrants, fleeing war-torn countries and landing by boat, were women and children whose needs posed special challenges to the European Union, the United Nations and various nongovernmental organizations struggling to cope. Amid the hundreds of photographers covering the humanitarian crisis, Ms. Dorigny focused exclusively on female migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. She photographed women as they landed, through processing by the European Union and then as they journeyed to Germany, a country where many of them were to be settled — at least temporarily. 📷: Marie Dorigny/MYOP

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors


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